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Pratibhuti .may, at its absolute discretion, decide to deregister a particular client. The illustrative circumstances under which Pratibhuti . may deregister a client are given below:

  • SEBI or any other regulatory body has passed an order against such client, prohibiting or suspending such client from participating in the securities market.
  • Such client has been indicted by a regulatory body or any government enforcement agency in case of market manipulation or insider trading or any other case involving violation of any law, rule, regulation, guideline or circular governing securities market.
  • Such client is suspected of indulging in illegal or criminal activities including fraud or money laundering.
  • Such client’s name appears in the UN list of prohibited entities or in the SEBI debarred list.
  • Such client’s account has been lying dormant for a long time or the client is not traceable.